Sweet Blair Carol Ann | Dallas & Fort Worth, TX Newborn & Baby Photography

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Karsyn Is ONE | Dallas & Fort Worth, TX Newborn & Baby Photography

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A Family Engagement | Fort Worth, TX Newborn and Baby Photography

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Bump to Baby with Miss Kinsley | Fort Worth, TX Maternity & Newborn Photography

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Baby Lennon | Fort Worth, TX Newborn Photography

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Sweet Baby Savannah

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Big Changes Coming for Megan Barrow Photography!

Hello to all my friends and fans! Now that I have been in business for a few years I have come to a very strong realization.  My calling is to photograph babies!  I love my baby clients from before they even arrive and I absolutely adore watching them grow.  Now, to all of my family session clients this doesn't mean that I love you any less.  I promise!  My heart is just happiest and fullest when I am working with my tiniest clients.  My 2016 … [Read more...]

My Year in Review… THANK YOU!

I went into 2013 with a dream... a goal... a plan. I would become a professional photographer. I had owned my very first DSLR camera for over a year and it had been sitting on a shelf for the entire year I owned it.  Like I think many people have done I bought a "fancy" camera thinking it would take "fancy" pictures.  Well... turns out you actually have to know how to use a "fancy" camera if you want it to do more for you than your iPhone. So … [Read more...]

Baby Jake | Dallas & Fort Worth, TX Newborn & Family Photography

Oh this little Jake. What can I say... he might be one of the most darling I have ever had the pleasure of photographing! What a doll. … [Read more...]

Baby Ainsley | Fort Worth, TX Newborn Photography

Some beautiful ladies in this sweet family! There has to one very lucky man behind all this beauty. … [Read more...]