My Year in Review 2014… THANK YOU!!!

After all the hustle and bustle of the busy fall season and a joy filled holiday season I finally have found some time to reflect on my 2014.  I have the app TimeHop on my phoneso this morning when I woke up I found my Year in Review for 2013 blog that I wrote a year ago today.  As I read that blog post it got me thinking about my 2014 as a photographer, small business owner, wife, mom, daughter and friend.   Over 2 years ago, when I started this venture in building a photography business, there were certainly many unknowns… would I be “good enough”, would I be able to market successfully enough to bring in business, would I be able to handle the pressure of balancing working from home with mothering two toddlers and fulfill my roll as a wife all at the same time.  I knew that I would run into many obstacles that would force me to grow and learn new ways to adapt.  So while I stood there last January looking at 2014 the unknown of it all was definitely a little intimidating.

After all 12 months of 2014 have passed I find myself feeling like a more skilled photographer, a more seasoned small business owner and, hopefully, a better wife, mother and friend.  Of course, as I expected, there were obstacles, challenges and sometimes set backs but when I look over my year I really just feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of the people that made my year a success.  It took LOTS of people.  Of course my amazingly wonderful clients (no seriously… I have the BEST clients) but, as importantly, the support system that I have surrounding me in my life (I have even more amazing family and friends).   I couldn’t have done any of it without EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of you.  THANK YOU!!

2015 is upon us and I can’t wait to meet some amazing new people and see many familiar faces too.