My Year in Review… THANK YOU!

I went into 2013 with a dream… a goal… a plan.

I would become a professional photographer.

I had owned my very first DSLR camera for over a year and it had been sitting on a shelf for the entire year I owned it.  Like I think many people have done I bought a “fancy” camera thinking it would take “fancy” pictures.  Well… turns out you actually have to know how to use a “fancy” camera if you want it to do more for you than your iPhone.

So going into 2014 I was ready to get down and dirty learning EVERYTHING “photography”.  I read EVERY SINGLE Pintrest and Google article about all things related to photography… camera settings, lighting, posing, business practices, client relations, marketing, tips and tricks and the list goes on and on and on.  And then I took pictures… and more pictures… and more pictures.  And day after day I fell more and more in love!  I felt something about photography that I hadn’t ever felt before.  I had found my passion.

I love the way that a beautiful, interesting or adorable image can make me feel and I can’t help but mention that it is most importantly the people that bring emotion into my photographs.  This year I have had the chance to meet some amazing people that have invested in me to capture their family’s precious memories.  And without each and every one of these people I wouldn’t be able to stand here today and call myself a Professional Photographer.


I have taken tens of thousands of pictures this year learning something new with every click of my shutter.  I have made mistakes, I have been scared, I have taken chances and I have felt failure but more importantly SUCCESS.  I hope in 2014 I get the opportunity to continue being a small business owner and photographer.  I hope I get to meet more amazing people and see some familiar faces as well!  I hope that my family stays healthy and happy and that I get to stay connected to all of my fabulous friends!

Best wishes for the best year in 2014!!!