Baker Family | Fort Worth Newborn and Family Photography

I just love that I have been able to document this little mans life since before he was born. Beautiful family!! … [Read more...]

Baby Dax | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I just know that this little man is going to be be very blessed with these two for his parents! He was such a sweet baby during his session I almost wanted to take him home with me. :-) … [Read more...]

Pritchett Family | Fort Worth Child & Family Photography

I couldn't have been more in love with this family's property! And these kids had such fun unique little personalities. It made for one of my all time favorite sessions :-) … [Read more...]

Baby Aubri | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I loved watching this lovely family go from two to three! And a hats off and thank you for her daddy for his protection :-) … [Read more...]

Baby Ellie | Fort Worth, TX Newborn Photography

I met this family when I photographed almost 2 year old Raegan as my very first session as a professional photographer.  They have since chosen me to capture there maternity session and brand new baby Ellie's newborn portraits. Such a beautiful family! I have enjoyed watching them grow from 3-4! … [Read more...]

My Year in Review… THANK YOU!!!

I went into 2013 with a dream... a goal... a plan. I would become a professional photographer. At the start of 2013 I had owned my very first DSLR camera for over a year and it had been sitting on a shelf for the entire time I owned it.  Like I think many people have done I bought a "fancy" camera thinking it would take "fancy" pictures.  Well... turns out you actually have to know how to use a "fancy" camera if you want it to do more for you … [Read more...]

Baby Christian | Fort Worth, TX Newborn, Child and Family Photography

This sweet little man was SOOOOOO good for me. Maybe a modeling career in his future!  Wishing all the best to this new family of four!! Love, … [Read more...]

Abdallah Family | Fort Worth, TX Family Photography

This family was nothing but easy going, happy, and fun loving! These folks picked the coolest location and came dressed to impress :-) Thank y'all so much for letting me capture these sweet moments for your family! Love! … [Read more...]

Baby Abigail | Fort Worth, TX Newborn Photography

It was an honor to follow this precious little lady from "bump" to baby. Although she gave us a run for our money in the beginning of her session, once she fell asleep she modeled like a perfect little angel! I wish the absolute best to this brand new family. Love!   … [Read more...]

Baby Brady | Fort Worth, TX Newborn Photography

I met baby Brady just 6 days after his world debut and so glad that I did! The day I photographed him I didn't see the whites of his eyes until I was headed out the door... which with newborn photography is AWESOME!! I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon to celebrate 3 months. Love. … [Read more...]